Welcome to Poo Crazy!

Who is this site for?

I created Poo Crazy for people thinking of getting a dog and wondering about whether a poodle-mix breed is the right breed for them. This is also a great reference site for those who already own a poodle-mix, and are looking for advice on how to give it the best possible care. Maybe you just want to look at cute photos of poodle-mix dogs? You’ll find those here too!


Who am I?

My name is Paul and, you guessed it, I’m the owner of a Cavapoo- his name is Alfie. I think Cavapoos and all Poodle-mix breeds are awesome. In fact, you could say I’m crazy about them! 😄

And going by the growing popularity of this Cavalier King Charles / Poodle cross-breed, I’m not alone. Physically, it’s clear to see why. The Cavapoo is a small to medium size dog, with teddy-bear looks (big eyes and ears inherited from the Cavalier). They’re also hypoallergenic, with typically curly fur which it gets from the Poodle side. In terms of temperament, the Cavapoo is equally a dream. It has a loving and placid nature which makes them great with children and other dogs. It’s also an intelligent and, at times, energetic dog that loves to play and go for walks.

Just to give you a flavour of Alfie’s personality, here is a much loved short video of him at 9 weeks old attempting to destroy our rug. Wait to see his reaction upon getting caught in the act!