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Who is this site for?

I created POO CRAZY for people thinking of getting a dog and wondering about whether a Poodle-mix breed is right for them. This is also a great reference site for those who already own a Poodle-mix, and are looking for advice on how to give their dog the best possible care. Maybe you just want to look at cute photos of poodle-mix dogs? You’ll find those here too!

Who am I?

My name is Paul and, you guessed it, I’m the owner of a Cavapoo- his name is Alfie (now 1.5 years old). I think Cavapoos and all Poodle-mix breeds are awesome. In fact, you could say I’m crazy about them!
Poocrazy.com is where I share everything I’ve learned (based on my first-hand experience) and researched about Poodle-mix breeds.

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