How to treat cavapoo parasites – worms, ticks and fleas

Like all dogs, cavapoos are susceptible to the occasional parasite. These tiny creatures find their way onto the skin or internal organs of our pets and, if left untreated, can cause dogs serious harm. Worms, ticks, and fleas are the main offenders. We, as dog owners, have a duty of care to ensure that we treat our cavapoos to both prevent and (if infected) treat parasites that have attempted to make our furry friends their home.

My cavapoo, Alfie, in the last couple of months experienced both his first tick and flea infestation. Would you know what to look out for and how best to treat your cavapoo in these scenarios? Let’s dive into this slightly skin-crawling topic below!

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Best Cavapoo Breeders in the UK

Looking to get a cavapoo puppy but struggling to find a good breeder? As the cavapoo has grown in popularity in recent years, a select few UK-based breeders have chosen to specialise in this relatively new crossbreed. The majority of cavapoo puppies available for sale are from amateur breeders who have bred their family pet as a one-off event.

Since the cavapoo is not an established “pure” breed, there are very few reputable cavapoo breeders out there, and those that do exist can be hard to find.

A good cavapoo breeder is focused on producing healthy litters of pups with good temperaments, over attempting to achieve a certain aesthetic (all cavapoos are adorable). Below, I have attempted to compile a comprehensive and up to date list of the UK’s top cavapoo breeders. These are breeders who are still actively breeding F1 cavapoos, and have a good reputation for their experience in producing healthy litters of puppies.

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Can you groom your cavapoo at home?

First-time cavapoo owners may notice their puppy’s fur coat getting a little shaggy by the time it reaches 6 months old. The cavapoo’s coat differs from that of, say, a smooth-coated dog like a Labrador, which is easy to maintain.

An inaugural trip to the groomers may be on the cards. However, at $50 a visit, trips to the groomers don’t come cheap so you might consider whether you can groom your cavapoo at home?

There are many aspects to dog grooming that can easily be done at home by owners. Brushing, washing, nail trimming and dental care are all tasks for which professional help needn’t be sought. However, cavapoos do need their hair clipping every 6 to 8 weeks, and this is a task best left to a professional groomer.

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Cavapoo biting – when is it normal versus dangerous?

Potential dog owners, especially those with young families, should ask questions about the track record of any breed of dog that is going to be a household pet. The cavapoo has an excellent reputation for gentleness as it enjoys the company of children as well as adults. Both the Cavalier King Charles spaniel and the miniature poodle, the types of dog used in the breeding of the cavapoo, are likewise normally friendly and companionable. “Normally” is, however, the operative word.

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