Can cavapoos be left alone?

New dog owners may be curious about how long is ok to leave their new fur friend alone without having to get a friend or family member to come over or pay for doggy daycare.

Cavapoos can be left on their own for a few hours without any issues. Ideally, you will leave your cavapoo semi-regularly to prevent him or her from developing separation anxiety. If you need to leave your cavapoo for a whole day then it is better to organise for your pooch to go to doggy daycare.

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Can cavapoos swim?

Whilst cavapoos are capable of swimming, they are not the biggest fans of the water and don’t tend to enjoy entering the water of a depth much higher than their paws. Every dog is different, however, and your cavapoo may be introduced to swimming by another dog and take to it.

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Do cavapoos shed?

Cavapoos don’t shed very much at all compared to other dogs, they are classed as a hypoallergenic breed. This is one of the reasons this breed has become so popular.

Cavapoo being brushed

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How are cavapoos with cats?

Cavapoos can live harmoniously with cats. However, cats can easily be terrified by the presence of an inquisitive cavapoo and so introducing these two animals to one another should be done with care. Socialising a bold kitten with a friendly puppy is likely to bear the best results.

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