Your Cavapoo and Anxiety

Any breed of dog may display social anxiety, and although the cavapoo is not generally a nervous dog, he may be showing signs of stress. Unfortunately, these may manifest as behaviour that seems to stem from the mischievousness of a puppy or the wilfulness of an adult, and so it is vital to recognise the signs.

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Cavapoo vs Cockapoo – which is better?

Whilst they share a common parent (the Poodle), and are physically similar, cavapoos and cockapoos shouldn’t be confused. They both have nice temperaments but be warned: the cockapoo is far more energetic and needs more walks and stimulation than the more placid cavapoo.

cavapoo vs cockapoo

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How much does a cavapoo cost?

Cavapoos are an increasingly popular breed and this is now being reflected in the price. The going rate for cavapoos is between $2,000- $5,000. 

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Do cavapoos get on with other dogs?

Cavapoos are an incredibly friendly breed. Typically, they love humans and other dogs and love to play with doggy friends they meet in the park. However, just like any other breed, cavapoos that have had a bad experience with another dog can become fearful and must be socialised cautiously.

two cavapoos

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