Cavapoo biting – when is it normal versus dangerous?

Potential dog owners, especially those with young families, should ask questions about the track record of any breed of dog that is going to be a household pet. The cavapoo has an excellent reputation for gentleness as it enjoys the company of children as well as adults. Both the Cavalier King Charles spaniel and the miniature poodle, the types of dog used in the breeding of the cavapoo, are likewise normally friendly and companionable. “Normally” is, however, the operative word.

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Your Cavapoo and Anxiety

Any breed of dog may display social anxiety, and although the cavapoo is not generally a nervous dog, he may be showing signs of stress. Unfortunately, these may manifest as behaviour that seems to stem from the mischievousness of a puppy or the wilfulness of an adult, and so it is vital to recognise the signs.

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Do cavapoos get on with other dogs?

Cavapoos are an incredibly friendly breed. Typically, they love humans and other dogs and love to play with doggy friends they meet in the park. However, just like any other breed, cavapoos that have had a bad experience with another dog can become fearful and must be socialised cautiously.

Here we explore: do cavapoos get on with other dogs – covering the topic of socialising your cavapoo from a few different angles.

two cavapoos

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Harness or collar – which is best for cavapoos?

What’s the best gear to opt for when planning your first walk with your new cavapoo? What are the pros and cons of harnesses and collars and are there certain dog leads that are better than others? In this article we will explore all of this and more.

Small dogs like cavapoos are far better suited to harnesses over collars because of their small, delicate windpipes that can be damaged by collars being pulled by leads. However, note that walking a dog on a harness can sometimes result in the dog pulling on the lead whilst out walking.

Cavapoo wearing a harness

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