Why do cavapoos lick so much?

Remember The Famous Five, Enid Blyton’s crime-busting gang of four children and one dog? Timmy would often creep up to George at moments of high tension, lick her and whine, and Blyton interpreted the licking according to context. Sometimes, Timmy had displeased his mistress and wanted to apologise; sometimes, he wanted to console her. Of course, when the children paused for refreshments, Timmy might be granted a lick of ice cream. Yes, dogs lick for a variety of reasons.  They lick furniture. They lick one another. They lick us. And, although Blyton foisted the actual care of her pets on to others around her, when it came to interpreting their motivation for certain behaviours, she wasn’t far wrong. Your cavapoo will lick for all the reasons in this article because he is a dog, and what follows is applicable to dogs in general.

cavapoo licking owner

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Can cavapoos walk long distances?

The cavapoo is an energetic breed that benefits from daily exercise. On a normal day, a 30 minute to one hour’s walk a day is perfect for this small dog. That said, cavapoo owners who are are also keen hikers may wonder how far their cavapoo can comfortably walk over the course of a hiking weekend or vacation?

Despite having relatively small legs, cavapoos have bags of energy and are capable of long walks up to 10 miles per day, provided it’s not too hot, and they are fed and watered appropriately. Elderly dogs or cavapoos younger than 10 months old are not capable of such distances of course.

If the weather is cold, wet or snowy then you should prepare your cavapoo for the conditions accordingly (the same way that you’d prepare yourself) with a suitable, well-fitting dog coat. 

If, whilst out on a long walk, your cavapoo is showing signs of tiredness then it’s important to stop for a break. If after a break your dog is still fatigued then you should try and carry them the rest of the way or consider cutting your walk short.

cavapoo on a walk

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Are cavapoos aggressive?

The cavapoo is not an aggressive breed and can generally be trusted around children, making them excellent family pets. That said, all dogs, regardless of breed, are capable of aggressive behaviour. Typically, aggression is the byproduct of fear and stress. This is why it is important to socialise your cavapoo and give them a diverse range of experiences from a young age so they grow into a confident dog.

Cavapoo with another dog

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