From puppy to adult- what to feed cavapoos

There are a range of different types of dog food suited to small breeds like the cavapoo. What type to feed yours will largely be down to your preference and that of your cavapoo. Note that supplementary food and treats are fine providing they don’t contain ingredients that are toxic to dogs.

Cavapoo with his food bowl

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Can cavapoos swim?

Whilst cavapoos are capable of swimming, they are not the biggest fans of the water and don’t tend to enjoy entering the water of a depth much higher than their paws. Every dog is different, however, and your cavapoo may be introduced to swimming by another dog and take to it.

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How are cavapoos with cats?

Cavapoos can live harmoniously with cats. However, cats can easily be terrified by the presence of an inquisitive cavapoo and so introducing these two animals to one another should be done with care. Socialising a bold kitten with a friendly puppy is likely to bear the best results.

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