Can cavapoos be left alone?

New dog owners may be curious about how long is ok to leave their new fur friend alone without having to get a friend or family member to come over or pay for doggy daycare.

Cavapoos can be left on their own for a few hours without any issues. Ideally, you will leave your cavapoo semi-regularly to prevent him or her from developing separation anxiety. If you need to leave your cavapoo for a whole day then it is better to organise for your pooch to go to doggy daycare.

Cavapoos are truly loving and social animals. They adore being around both people and other dogs. This is one of the main reasons their popularity has soared in recent years. However, is this apparent behavioural strength also a weakness i.e. does it mean cavapoos are needy and can’t be left?

Well, the short answer is: yes. I have left my cavapoo on his own on many an occasion (up to a maximum of 4 hours) and he has been absolutely fine. But it’s not as straightforward as that. Regardless of what breed dog you own, you need to set yourself up for success and ensure your dog doesn’t develop separation anxiety- read on to learn more!

The rise in working from home

With more of us now working from home than ever before, many of us are now able to be around our pets in the day. Research shows that being around dogs has a variety of physiological and mental health benefits. And so being able to work in proximity to our pooches, take them out for a walk at lunchtime, etc. is great! No doubt, our dogs like being around us more too.

How long can cavapoos be left alone?

Assuming your cavapoo doesn’t have any medical or psychological issues that would require more regular contact and attention, cavapoos can be left throughout the night and up to 5 to 6 hours maximum during the day.

Personally, I am strongly against the idea of leaving any dog- regardless of how independent they are or not- on its own for a full day. If you’re someone who can’t work from home and will be away from your dog for 8/9 hours a day then I would highly recommend you organise for doggy daycare. Note that this can be expensive- I’m in the UK and here a typical daily rate here is £35 ($45).  You need to do your research to ensure that your dog is going to be given the best possible care and is not going to be around other dogs that are in any way aggressive. If you can’t afford doggy daycare, then you should at least organise for your dog to be taken on a walk by a dog walker around lunchtime. This is a cheaper option and will provide much-needed stimulation and exercise for your pooch.


When leaving your dog alone, even for just a couple of hours, make sure they have access to water and ventilation. Crack a window to ensure your dog doesn’t overheat and consider leaving on the air conditioning on particularly hot days.

It is all about making sure your dog is as comfortable and relaxed as possible. Take your dog to the bathroom just before you leave and ensure it has access to its bed and a couple of toys. A top tip is not to pander to your dog when you leave or return so your dog isn’t emotionally triggered by your coming and going. Try to distract him or her by giving them a chew or a treat-stuffed toy like a Kong just before you leave.

Why are cavapoos so clingy?

When it comes to how your dog will cope with being left alone, it’s important to remember that every dog is different. Yes, certain breeds will naturally be more independent than others but ultimately a clingy dog will have been unwittingly conditioned to be this way. That is why it’s important to start leaving your puppy on its own from a young age i.e. whilst it’s still a puppy. I’m not talking hours at first. I’m talking 10 minutes here and there that gradually becomes 30 minutes, to an hour, and so on.

Despite doing the above with my cavapoo, Alfie from 10 weeks of age onwards, at 7 months, he remains a little clingy. Every time we leave our apartment he cries, which can be a little heartbreaking at first. However, there have been times when he has thought we’ve left and I’ve heard his whining typically stops after a few minutes. It’s as if he gets tired from doing it and I’m pretty sure most of the time when we go out he just sleeps because he’s often just waking up when we return.

Know for sure your dog is ok being on its own

If you are unsure about how your dog will cope when you leave it then it can be a good idea to invest in an indoor camera to monitor how it reacts when you’re not there. Some owners may be shocked to discover that their pet does not cope well at all. A camera such as this one by Ring will expose any troubling behaviour that suggests your dog is stressed. Such behaviours include but are not limited to pacing, stiffness, shaking, lip licking, ears back, etc. Here is a good video that goes into more detail on this topic. If your dog is demonstrating stress when being left alone or in other scenarios, you may be interested to read about anxiety in cavapoos.