Can cavapoos hunt?

Cavapoos are not known to be hunting dogs. However, since both the spaniel and the poodle were originally bred to retrieve waterfowl, the cavapoo has great potential to do likewise, if trained. Personally, I’m not into hunting, and so have never attempted to train my dog to retrieve game. Beyond retrieving birds, the cavapoo is not suited to any other sort of hunting. Fox hunting, for example, requires specially bred foxhounds that have the stamina to chase down a fox.

Cavapoos’ instinct to pick things up

The instinct for cavapoos to pick up items is a strong one. As an owner, this strong instinct can be frustrating at times because, occasionally, Fido will pick something up that he shouldn’t. For example, my Alfie has picked up sharp objects like bottle caps, as well as pieces of plastic that he could easily have choked on. The importance of teaching your dog the “leave it” command is paramount.

Can cavapoos catch squirrels?

The cavapoo, like most other dogs, also has an instinct to chase pretty much anything that moves, especially youngsters like my 8-month-old. Whilst the cavapoo is an agile and relatively fast breed, their legs are (gladly) not long enough to get up to the sort of speeds necessary to catch the sorts of critters you might come across on a walk.

For example, cavapoos will instinctively chase squirrels. The squirrel is a small animal that your dog has the potential to kill if it got hold of one. Although I am unsure it is in the cavapoo’s nature to want to kill anything! In my experience, squirrels comfortably climb up the nearest tree before your dog can get anywhere close to them. This is a stark contrast to say, the Lurcher, which is fast enough to catch even the fastest of small animals, including rabbits.