How to keep your cavapoo cool in hot weather

At the time of writing, we are experiencing record-breaking temperatures here in the UK. We (and our dogs) are not accustomed to hot weather. If we humans struggle in the heat, it can only be worse for our 4-legged friends wearing fur coats they can’t remove. Indeed, the heat can prove fatal for cavapoos and so it’s important as owners that we protect them by taking the appropriate measures (as outlined below).

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Can you groom your cavapoo at home?

First-time cavapoo owners may notice their puppy’s fur coat getting a little shaggy by the time it reaches 6 months old. The cavapoo’s coat differs from that of, say, a smooth-coated dog like a Labrador, which is easy to maintain.

An inaugural trip to the groomers may be on the cards. However, at $50 a visit, trips to the groomers don’t come cheap so you might consider whether you can groom your cavapoo at home?

There are many aspects to dog grooming that can easily be done at home by owners. Brushing, washing, nail trimming and dental care are all tasks for which professional help needn’t be sought. However, cavapoos do need their hair clipping every 6 to 8 weeks, and this is a task best left to a professional groomer.

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Do cavapoos get on with other dogs?

Cavapoos are an incredibly friendly breed. Typically, they love humans and other dogs and love to play with doggy friends they meet in the park. However, just like any other breed, cavapoos that have had a bad experience with another dog can become fearful and must be socialised cautiously.

Here we explore: do cavapoos get on with other dogs – covering the topic of socialising your cavapoo from a few different angles.

two cavapoos

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Harness or collar – which is best for cavapoos?

What’s the best gear to opt for when planning your first walk with your new cavapoo? What are the pros and cons of harnesses and collars and are there certain dog leads that are better than others? In this article we will explore all of this and more.

Small dogs like cavapoos are far better suited to harnesses over collars because of their small, delicate windpipes that can be damaged by collars being pulled by leads. However, note that walking a dog on a harness can sometimes result in the dog pulling on the lead whilst out walking.

Cavapoo wearing a harness

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