Best Cavapoo Breeders in the UK

Looking to get a cavapoo puppy but struggling to find a good breeder? As the cavapoo has grown in popularity in recent years, a select few UK-based breeders have chosen to specialise in this relatively new crossbreed. The majority of cavapoo puppies available for sale are from amateur breeders who have bred their family pet as a one-off event.

Since the cavapoo is not an established “pure” breed, there are very few reputable cavapoo breeders out there, and those that do exist can be hard to find.

A good cavapoo breeder is focused on producing healthy litters of pups with good temperaments, over attempting to achieve a certain aesthetic (all cavapoos are adorable). Below, I have attempted to compile a comprehensive and up to date list of the UK’s top cavapoo breeders. These are breeders who are still actively breeding F1 cavapoos, and have a good reputation for their experience in producing healthy litters of puppies.

What makes a good cavapoo breeder?

When attempting to confirm whether you’re dealing with a reputable cavapoo breeder or not, focus on the provenance, temperament and health of the puppies’ parents.

  • Provenance. Can the breeder present to you both parents, or at least the mother, to prove to you the puppy has not come from a puppy farm and genuinely has been bred from the parent dogs they claim it has?
  • Temperament. How is the temperament of the pup’s parents? Again, you need to be offered to meet the pup’s mother to verify this for sure because temperament is largely inherited by the puppy.
  • Health tests. Can the breeder provide the relevant certification for health tests carried out on both parents to prove the puppies haven’t inherited any of the common health issues associated with cavaliers and poodles?

What health test results should you be asking for?

Both parent dogs should have certificates to prove they are clear of the genetic diseases listed below for each respective breed. “Clear” being the key word, meaning these dogs do not have any copies of the abnormal gene associated with the condition that has been tested for, and therefore there is very little chance of their puppies having these health issues.

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel parent should have the certification that their DNA is clear of the following diseases;

The Minature Poodle should have certification to show their DNA is clear from;

F2 cavapoos, that is 2nd generation cavapoos i.e. with two F1 cavapoo parents, should ideally have been tested for all of the above also.

Risks when buying from a breeder who hasn’t health tested the parents

Procuring a cavapoo puppy from a breeder who can’t prove they’ve health tested its parents runs the risk that your pup will have a genetic disease. There are all sorts of ethical and practical questions to ask yourself in concluding whether this is a risk you want to take or not.

Broadly speaking, a crossbreed such as an F1 cavapoo should have a lower risk of genetic disease versus purebreeds thanks to having a broader gene pool (potentially less chance of homozygous genes). That said, the Cavalier breed (from which a cavapoo takes half its DNA) is notorious for having health issues.

Above all else, you want to ensure you are not indirectly supported the cruel and illegal puppy farm industry by using common sense and asking the right questions.

Cavapoo puppy

List of reputable cavapoo breeders in the UK

All nine of the breeders below have had all health test certificates verified and approved. Note that many of the best breeders often tend to breed pure bred Cavalier King Charles Spaniels too.

  1. Henley Poos


“We health test all of our dogs in line with the recommendations from the Kennel Club Assured Breeder Scheme”

2. Kettreana Cavaliers and Cavapoos

Peak District

3. Pawfect Cavachons & Co  

The Midlands

4. Karen’s Cavapoo (Karen Hutley)

[email protected]

East Midlands

5. Laygib Cavaliers & Cavapoos

[email protected]


6. Pound Cottage Cavapoos

West Sussex

7. Lisa Crisp

[email protected] mob: 07712 525149

East Sussex

8. Faye Nixiee

[email protected]


9. Chambecc Cavaliers & Cavapoos

[email protected]

Unknown location