Do cavapoos bark?

Dogs’ barking, yapping or howling are typically all noises that can induce stress in people. As such, a prospective dog owner may place “doesn’t bark” high on their priority list when choosing a breed. Undoubtedly, certain breeds are more prone to barking than others. In fact, for some dogs, such as guard dog breeds, barking is in their DNA and part of what they’ve been historically bred and trained to do. That said, there are very few breeds for which one can categorically say they never bark. Is the cavapoo amongst this list or is it in fact a rather vocal breed?


Why do cavapoos bark?

The cavapoo, whilst not known to be a breed that barks super often, does bark occasionally and, as is the case with all dogs, may bark for a number of different reasons. Reasons why a cavapoo might bark range from being scared by a sudden noise (like a knock at the door) to being excited. Occasionally, your cavapoo might bark for seemingly no reason at all.

It’s worth noting that a cavapoo puppy might initially not bark at all. Rather, they tend to find their voice as they grow. Our cavapoo has been taught the command “speak” and will bark on command in exchange for a treat!

I previously wrote on the subject “Are cavapoos aggressive?” (the short answer is no) and I’ve never heard of a cavapoo barking or growling based on aggression.

Do cavapoos make good guard dogs?

Whilst a cavapoo might not be a natural choice for a guard dog (since it’s most likely to lick an intruder to death) cavapoos are as good as any other breed of dog at picking up on noises that someone is approaching the home and alerting everyone about that by barking. I write from experience here, my cavapoo, Alfie, always barks whenever a delivery driver approaches the home or he hears a noise outside at night.

What does a cavapoo’s bark sound like?

The pitch and volume of a dog’s bark tends to correspond with its size. The cavapoo, being a small to medium sized dog, will not have the deep scary bark of a large breed like a German Shepherd. Gladly, the cavapoo’s bark is cannot really be described as a yap either. I will upload a video below so you can hear what it sounds like.