Do cavapoos shed?

Cavapoos don’t shed very much at all compared to other dogs, they are classed as a hypoallergenic breed. This is one of the reasons this breed has become so popular.

Cavapoo being brushed

Dogs that shed can have two major downsides; 1) more housework, 2) more likely that a visitor allergic to dogs will be triggered upon entering your home. If you’re currently considering getting a dog, unless you’re both highly antisocial and nonchalant about a messy home, then you’re absolutely right to take a moment to consider how much different dog breeds shed.

What does hypoallergenic mean?

If something is hypoallergenic it means that it is less likely to trigger an allergic reaction in those that have an allergy to said thing. There is no such thing as a dog breed which is guaranteed to never cause issues for those with allergies of the canine variety. When it comes to having someone over who has a dog allergy, clearly it is sensible to keep your pet in a part of the home that is separate to where you will host your guest. However, just because your dog is not physically present, that doesn’t mean that your poor pooch-intolerant visitor won’t suffer. The reason for this is that your dog’s fur is easily trapped in carpet, soft furnishing, etc. This is why breeds that don’t drop much fur are typically given the hypoallergenic accolade.

How to tell if someone is allergic to dogs

Some people are allergic to dogs without even realising it. For this reason, if someone develops any of the following symptoms after 30 to 60 minutes of entering a space where dogs are kept, you should let them know that they may be allergic and should be tested. Dog allergy symptoms include;

  • a runny nose
  • itchy, red eyes
  • coughing
  • nasal congestion
  • pain or pressure in the face

How to keep a fur-free home

If any of the rooms in your house are carpeted then you should take care to vacuum them regularly. Some vacuum cleaners are better at picking up dog hair than others- with the Dynamic U1 Maverick Vacuum by Miele coming in #1, according to Good Housekeeping.

Furthermore, taking your pooch to the groomers regularly and brushing them frequently will help keep shedding to a minimum. Grooming mitts are becoming more popular as a gentle and convenient means of grooming your dog whilst giving them a little massage. If useful, I wrote about to what extent you can groom your cavapoo at home.

Cavapoo fur – my experience

Many of us will have stroked a dog only to be left with a palm covered in their hair. It’s an unpleasant experience and one of the reasons some people are put off owning dogs. Gladly, after stroking my cavapoo, Alfie, my hand is always fur-free. That is not to say that a few hairs don’t occasionally appear on my clothes. For example, Alfie is blonde and his hairs stand out pretty clearly on against a black t-shirt. This is nothing that a sticky roller can’t easily fix!