How much does a cavapoo cost?

Cavapoos are an increasingly popular breed and this is now being reflected in the price. The going rate for cavapoos is between $2,000- $5,000. 

Demand for dogs is on the rise. Since the pandemic, working from home has become the norm. And with this, owning a dog has become more obtainable than ever before. Millions have already pounced on the opportunity, and the price of most dog breeds has soared as a result. Not least popular breeds like the cavapoo. So what is the going rate for a cavapoo puppy these days? Would you have to be barking mad to acquire a cavapoo in this breeders’ market?

We purchased our cavapoo puppy in April 2020. It was quite difficult to find a breeder who hadn’t already had all their puppies reserved. As is often the case, phone calls worked better than emails and texts in the end. A few days after making the big decision to become dog owners, we were on our way to pick up an 8 week-old cavapoo, Alfie.

Alfie cost $1,900, which is a lot of money but this is the cheaper end of the scale. Having consulted a variety of cavapoo breeder websites, across various states, I can confirm that cavapoo puppies are typically being sold for between $2,000 to $3,000, with the latter being more typical. Indeed, I found a few websites where Cavapoo puppies are sold for $5k+. The jury is out for whether there is much of a correlation to between cost and quality.

Cavapoo availability from state to state

It would appear cavapoos are easier to come by in some of the Eastern states like New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio. In fact, I really struggled to find cavapoo breeders online located in West coast and Central states. Some breeders claim to be able to ship their puppies nationwide. I would look into the details of that carefully beforehand because this could be a really distressing experience for a young pup that has just been separated from its mother and siblings.

F1 vs. F2 cavapoo puppies

As you will know by now, the cavapoo is a crossbreed with one parent being a Minature Poodle, and the other a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. F1 stands for first-generation, meaning that the puppy’s parents were the aforementioned breeds. F2, therefore, stands for second-generation and is the result of breeding two F1 cavapoos. F1 cavapoos are more common because it is said that they have more striking features and stronger personalities but there is not much strong evidence to prove that and I would not dissuade you from purchasing an F2 cavapoo. Their prices appear to be pretty much the same.

Ongoing costs of owning a dog

Of course, you will have to invest in a few dog products before you bring your new cavapoo puppy home. Obvious purchases include a dog bed, a crate, food and water bowls, puppy food (get the same brand it has been fed by the breeder), puppy pads, a lead and harness and then, some treats, a few toys and perhaps a couple of towels. All of this should not cost you more than $200. is a good place to shop for these things.

Gladly, since the cavapoo is a relatively small dog (around 1ft in stature), food is relatively inexpensive. No more than about $5 per week.

No matter where in the world you’re located, visits to the vets are expensive. Check with the breeder whether your puppy has received their vital vaccinations. If not, then this will cost you $75-$100 and is absolutely necessary to get done before your puppy is allowed outside or else it could contract a fatal virus.

Whilst the cavapoo benefits from the health benefits associated with being a crossbreed (Pedigrees can experience health issues due to being inbred), health issues may still arise. Indeed, I listed health issues common to the cavapoo here. Prudent cavapoo owners are wise to purchase pet insurance and this typically costs $40-50 / month, depending on the policy.