How to keep your cavapoo cool in hot weather

At the time of writing, we are experiencing record-breaking temperatures here in the UK. We (and our dogs) are not accustomed to hot weather. If we humans struggle in the heat, it can only be worse for our 4-legged friends wearing fur coats they can’t remove. Indeed, the heat can prove fatal for cavapoos and so it’s important as owners that we protect them by taking the appropriate measures (as outlined below).

Keep your dog out of sun

Stating the obvious but some dog owners don’t seem to get the memo…If it’s above 77 degrees outside, then it’s going to be really hot for your dog. By taking them out, you’re putting your dog at risk of heat exhaustion. Therefore, it’s safest on hot days to walk your dog early in the morning, or in the evening.

If you must go out with your dog in the heat then dogs must be kept in the shade, have access to water, and not be kept out for too long. Don’t forget that dogs’ paws are tender. Paws can be burnt if your dog is walked on hot ground, so remember to test the surface with the back of your hand. Bear in mind that different surfaces will vary in temperature.

When keeping dogs indoors, care for them as you would a human. Ensure the room they are kept in is well ventilated and cool. If you have air con or a fan then turn it on, even if you’re leaving the house.

Ask your groomer to take the coat short

Cavapoos are a breed that needs regular grooming (usually every 6 weeks). Their fur is quite dense and retains heat. If you usually ask your groomer for a mid-length cut, then you should ask for a shorter cut when the weather forecast is for hot weather.

If you can’t book in with your groomer ahead of a heatwave then you should consider a DIY groom. I have managed to trim my cavapoo’s fur with my beard trimmer from time to time.

Keep your cavapoo hydrated

Another seemingly obvious recommendation but one worth reiterating: water bowls need to be kept topped up with fresh, cold water. If you feel like your pup hasn’t had a drink for a while then perhaps offer them some milk instead. Sometimes our cavapoo will take a drink from our hands when he otherwise would not drink from his bowl.

Products you can buy to keep your cavapoo cool

There are some good products on the market nowadays designed for keeping dogs cool during a heatwave. These include things like cooling mats and cooling jackets. The cooling jacket has proven particularly useful in our case. You simply soak it in cold water, ring it out and pop it on. The material of the jacket retains the water for a long time. Our cavapoo wears his jacket both indoors and outdoors and it keeps him cool for hours.

Concluding thoughts – a warning message

Hot weather is no joke and as dog owners we need to take steps to prevent our pups from over-heating! If you are concerned that your dog has succumb to heat stroke (e.g. extreme panting and/or extreme lethargy), then it’s vital to get them to the vets as soon as possible. Don’t give your dog ice cubes in such scenarios since lowering their temperature too abruptly can be dangerous.