Are cavapoos easy to toilet train?

Cavapoos are no easier nor more difficult to toilet train than any other breed of dog. Owners will need to be patient for the first few months of their cavapoo puppy’s life as accidents will inevitably occur. By 6 months old, a cavapoo should be able to hold its bladder for a few hours and a more regular toilet routine can start to be established.

Train to use puppy pads

Hopefully, your puppy will already be accustomed to relieving itself on a puppy pad, as most breeders use these. Remember that puppies are not supposed to go outside until they have been vaccinated so that’s why puppy pads are important, even if you have a garden.

Whilst your puppy is young, it won’t be able to go through the whole night without needing to go to the toilet so that’s another scenario when puppy pads prove useful. Bear in mind that just because a puppy pad is down, it doesn’t mean your puppy will always use it. Accidents will happen so be patient. Further, be ready for your puppy to miss the pad countless times by standing too close to the edge.

Lastly, be warned that you will go through puppy pads really quickly so it’s best to buy in bulk because you don’t want to be without.

Train to go to the toilet outside

When your puppy has been vaccinated and it’s safe to go outside you should start to encouraging it to relieve itself on the lawn. As mentioned above, at first, you will still be using puppy pads in parallel. You don’t need to worry too much about your dog getting confused between whether to go on the puppy pad or wait to go outside because as it matures its instinct will be to want to outside. When your dog does go to the toilet outside, it’s important to do two things: 1) include a command like “go pee-pee” 2) celebrate this behaviour with lots of “good boy/girl” praise. The idea here is that, eventually, you want to get to a place whereby your dog can pee on command just before bed or before a car journey etc.

What to do about pee stains on your lawn

One of the downsides to owning a dog is that they can mess up your lawn. The high nitrogen levels found in dog urine can kill grass if your dog is persistently relieving itself in the same spots. To avoid this, if you have an area of gravel or bark chippings in your garden, you could encourage your dog to do its business there, rather than the lawn. Alternatively, you can read more about how to repair your lawn here.

Tips for picking up dog poop

Not all dog poo bags are born equal. You need to find the right poo bags for you. Some are too thin and are prone to tearing. Others are nicely scented- good for if you’re on a walk with no trash cans and have to hold the bag for a while. And some are biodegradable- great for those who are environmentally-conscious.

Occasionally, your dog will eat something it’s not supposed to or you will change its food and it will have an upset stomach result in softer / runny stools. In such circumstances, having a can of Poop Freeze to hand (it does what it says on the tin) will facilitate the picking up after your pooch process.